This months Courageous Entrepreneur is Keesha Sinclair. Keesha is the owner of Kreat’ N Stitches, a creative monogram business. I had the pleasure of meeting Keesha almost 10 years ago. She and I are a part of the best sorority in the world, Delta Sigma Theta.

Keesha is extremely talented and is the ultimate businesswoman! Continue reading to learn more about Keesha, her business Kreat’ N Stitches and how courage has played a role on her entrepreneurial journey.

1. Briefly tell us about yourself and your business.

My name is Keesha Sinclair. I am from Fayetteville, N. C. born and raised. I went to Fayetteville State University!! (Bronco Pride) I have my Masters’ in Executive Leadership from Gardner Webb. I am the oldest sibling of two, the oldest grandchild on both sides of the family. So in my eyes, I think I am pretty special. LOL. My sister refers to me as the “Family Spokesperson” since I am the oldest and I like to tell everyone what to do!!

I started Kreat’ N Stitches in 2009. It was formally known as Keesha’s Kreations. I decided to change the name to Kreat’ N Stitches (Create in Stitches) in 2011 because I wanted to use my first and last initials in my business name. I felt like the name of my business needed to stand out and to be different.

2. What made you decide to be an entrepreneur?

I come from a family of entrepreneurs. My parents own and operate their businesses, R&B Lawn care, R&B Janitorial Services, and Candycorn Childcare. My sister Larissa Gilmer also has her own business called “Ellenaj”, where she makes custom jewelry. Entrepreneurship is in our blood.

Our parents started us out early working the businesses with them, so it is something that has never left us. I am grateful for the knowledge and skill set that they have provided us over the years.

3. What made you decide to venture into this particular field (fashion, food, photography, etc.)? Is this field your passion?

I was at my job one day and there was a parent volunteer named Janeen Price that worked in the front office. Janeen did custom embroidery for some of the parents and staff on campus.

One Christmas, she personalized a robe for me that I was giving away as a gift, and I absolutely loved it so much! I asked her if she could show me how to do embroidery and that is where is all started.

Janeen mentored me and took me under her wing. She even took me to my first embroidery shop. Janeen guided me and shared with me what I needed to get, and walked me through the entire process! I will be forever grateful for the time she spent mentoring me.

4. In what ways has courage played a role in you starting your business?

Courage has played a tremendous part in starting my business. I find courage from a small group of people who support my business, my vision and my purpose to do what it is that I do!

Those individuals know exactly who they are. They volunteer their time and call me to give financial advice without any hesitation. I find strength to do what I do because I want my clients to wear or have a product that they absolutely love.

5. What have been some challenges for you on your entrepreneurial journey?

TIME!! TIME!! TIME!! With working a full-time job and having a large demand for my product, sometimes it is hard to keep up, so I am always looking for help. I come home from working all day to come home and work all night doing what I love. I have so many “Kreative Ideas” in my head I feel like I don’t have time to get them all out!!

6. How did you overcome?

I try to use the 3 P’s. Pray for direction as my day gets started on what I need to do, Prioritize my day, and Put it in my calendar!!

7. What and/or who inspired you to become a business owner?

My parents are my inspiration!! As a child I have always seen my father work his full time job while simultaneously working his business on the side. They set the example for my sister and myself and have taught us the value of hard work, persistence, and excellence. They are truly the epitome of hard work and dedication.

8. What advice (5 tips) do you have for anyone thinking of starting his or her own business?

1. Pray for guidance, direction and understanding as to what target market you should have for your business.
2. Find a mentor.
3. Get financial advice/assistance.
4. Study your competition.
5. Network! Network! Network!

9. In what ways has networking helped your business?

Networking is one of the best ways to get people to try my products and increase sales for Kreat’ N Stitches. If I just put on a T-shirt and go to some type of outing, community event or even just to the grocery store while talking with people about what I do, I am guaranteed at least 10 orders from just walking around during the course of the day.

10. What resources (local in your community and/or outside of your community) have you found to be helpful for you as a business owner?

I have a strong community base of entrepreneur friends in the city. They offer advice and help to ensure my business runs smoothly.

11. Where do you see your business in the next 5 years?

I see the business running full-time with at least 3 strong Kreative Experts to help me continue to share my vision for the world to see.

12. Where can people contact you for business inquires?

I can be contacted through my Facebook and Instagram pages or by visiting my website: I can also be reached via phone call or text at 336.405.8676.

13. Where can we find you on social media?

Instagram- Kreatnstitches
Facebook- Kreat’ N Stitches

Be sure to support Keesha by spreading the word about her business to everyone you know. Also, feel free to contact her if you or someone you know would like to try out her monogram services!

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