Sequin Blazer- Dillard’s; Similar; Similar
Pleated Skirt- Dillard’s; Similar; Similar

Hi! I’m finally back with another outfit post. Lately, I’ve been taking blog pictures and they just haven’t been coming out right at all…ugh! The problem has been that the pictures look weird, I end up not liking the outfit, or it starts to get dark unusually early, causing me to miss out on good lighting. I don’t believe in posting something I don’t love just to have new stuff up on the blog, so I figured I’d hold off on posting until things got better. I was really bummed about it at first because I wanted to start the New Year off strong, but life happens and everything is not going to be perfect.

Fortunately, this past weekend I was able to get some pretty good shots in this sequin blazer and pleated midi skirt. This blazer is an ‘oldie but goodie’ and the skirt is an item I purchased on sale during the holiday season that I’m just getting a chance to wear. I have a good amount of skirts in my closet, but not too many pleated midis, so I was happy to add this one to the collection.

This outfit could be worn to work, depending on whether or not your company requires a professional dress code. Even if the dress code is business casual, I think you could still pull it off. In addition to certain work environments, this outfit could be worn to church, an important meeting, or an after 5pm event you may have. Somewhat dressy now, this could also be worn as a casual look. I’d pair the skirt with a graphic t-shirt and flats or sandals. Also, you could pair the sequin blazer with a blouse, some cute skinny jeans and booties. There are numerous possibilities.

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